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Prince Robot IV is a member of the royal family, being the son of King and Queen Robot, and an emissary of the Robot Kingdom assigned to figuring out what happened with Alana and Marko. He had a child with the late Princess Robot.

Prince Robot IV served in the conflict, but retired after surviving a devastating sneak attack by Wreath forces, and decided to start a family. After Baron Robot XXIII died attempting to apprehend Alana and Marko, Special Agent Gale was dispatched by the Robot King to ask the Prince to track down the couple. He boarded the HMS Skyscraper, travelled to Cleave, and began his mission.

After interviewing the war prisoners at the detention facility Marko was held at, Robot began hunting down the couple along with one of Alana's old co-workers. He accidentally killed The Stalk during a misunderstanding this has earned him the ire of The Will.

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