Status Alive
First appearance Saga #1
Saga Comic Marko
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Though an older Hazel is never shown she is mainly characterized by the comments she makes throughout the series. What is known about her is that she is a straight forward girl who likes to get ahead of herself when she is telling the story. She also does not like romance novels, opposite to her mother.

Despite her upbringing on the run, Hazel's childhood persona seems to mirror most typical children her age, generally being rather innocent, it stands out the most along side her peers, when asked in class to draw something that makes them sad, most of her classmates hailing from Wreath and it's colonies draw things such as when their houses were bombed by Landfall or the loss of family members, all Hazel drew was her imaginary friend "Tooty Stinkfoot...a giant foot with really bad gas" either implying despite the amount of death and violence she had been exposed to as a young age she has been rather well guarded to a number of horrors, it could also demonstrate that due to the secretive nature of her existence, she has become a very adept liar at a young age, not revealing the reason she is separated from her parents and even allowing Petrichor to believe she was a result of a Landfallen raping her mother, regardless of how much the idea of something thinking that about her parents upsets her.


Hazel's wings and horns

Her mature appearance has yet to be seen but as an infant she looks like a typical human baby born with hazel green eyes, she already has the tips of her horns beginning to grow through and small feathery wings on her back.

As a child she has four feathered wings the same green color as her mother's which she commonly keeps bound under her clothes with cloth to hide her hybrid nature. Her horns are harder to keep disguised and like her father, are beginning to curl int a shape resembling a rams. Hazel had begun to grow her black hair over her pointed ears, in something of a bob-cut. She was named after the librarian who first recommended Oswald Heist's work to Alana as described in the third volume.


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Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Because Hazel is shown mostly as infant not much can be established as to what she can do. She is the only inter-species child that has survived.

When searching for her, Marko hopes that his mother has been able to teach her "the basics" in magic, assuming that she has the same ability as her paternal race. It can also be assumed with the size her wings are already, that she will be capable of flight.


  • Hazel has commented that Prince Robot IV, of all the people hunting her, is the only one to break her heart.
  • She does not become a savior or someone of great significance.
  • Hazel still keeps a piece of the outfit Barr made for her as a child. She uses it as a bookmark.