Ginny Saga 001
Status Alive
First appearance Saga #19

Ginny is a dance instructor on Gardenia. She befriended Marko while he and the family were in hiding, under the alias Barr. She found a kindred spirit in him after he revealed his recent issues with his wife, something which she related to due to her growing distant from her own husband, as a result of his occupation. She then flirted with Marko, and evidently became attracted to him. During a brief falling out with his wife (mainly caused by her drug addiction), Marko turned to Ginny to confide in. While not truly an antagonist, her intentions and attempts to get further involved with Marko were antagonistic in nature in some way. From her narrative and perspective, Hazel considered Ginny and her presence a threat to her family as her potentially burgeoning relationship with her father came close to wrecking his relationship with Alana. It is implied that Ginny was aware of her attraction and feelings for Marko at the time, and indeed she tried and succeeded in getting closer to Marko during their time on Gardenia, and came this close to having him if it weren't for a reminder of Marko's daughter.